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Live Anxiety Free!

When you ignore, suppress or avoid your emotions you are giving them more control and power over you. In fact, your feelings can be your best asset. Let me walk you through this journey and show you how to live anxiety-free.

          I’m Joy Acaso, Anxiety Support Coach and Family Therapist. Having worked in the                           counseling field for 20 years, I’ve seen it all. The ones who grab onto the momentum are                those that see results.

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"Hello my name is Sandra and my son Jonny.  We attended the program with Joy. He was having major issues in dealing with anxiety when it came time to testing at school to the point where he was making himself extremely nervous and sick but we found all our answers and learned to deal with these issues with Joy’s help.  She showed us how to cope using several exercises and just after a few sessions with Joy, my son felt confident and was back to being himself. I would highly recommend Joy. She’s an amazing coach!"

Sandra & Jonny

"My family and I we were having trouble and it was a difficult situation.  I worked with Joy for 12 weeks. We looked into adjustments I needed to make.  For example, I can't just get up in the morning and go to work. I needed to give myself time to breathe and enjoy my breakfast.  I woke up 10 minutes earlier for the first week, and then even earlier during the second week. Would you know that I had time to eat with my daughter after I made those changes with my daily routine.  I even walked around in my backyard just praying before going to work. I drank my coffee. I got my life back! I'm never going back to how I was before. Simple adjustments made a world of difference in my life."


"Joy knows how to listen intently and is passionate about her work. Joy guides in every way possible and even takes an extra mile to help you figure out your desired solutions. She uses her knowledge from being a mom and a social worker to help her clients."