Finally, a program to support and empower YOU in your parenting journey!

You never doubted that raising a family would come with its own challenges. What you didn’t expect is to feel defeated, restless and weary on a daily basis. 

When you ask nicely, your children turn away and you feel ignored. Perhaps, teachers are reporting increased misbehaviors at school. You feel like the bad parent. Maybe you’ve noticed a change in their moods. You feel frustrated that you have no energy to deal with anything else.

You are desperate for change. And yet with all the encouragement and consistent attention, there’s no improvement. 

It seems that you’re not getting through to them. You’ve began to second guessing your skills. The drive to have a meaningful relationship with your children is at an all time low. You feel physically and mentally drained.

I am here to reassure you that parenting doesn’t have to be a struggle. ALL OF WHAT YOU HOPE FOR YOUR CHILDREN CAN HAPPEN. It is highly possible to raise them well. You can give your children the exact tools they need in order to grow into adults who are 


I’m Joy Acaso, Anxiety Support Coach and Family Therapist. I’m on a mission to help parents navigate and strengthen their relationship with their children. You will receive customized support, toolbox and action plan. 

In this program, there are no cookie cutter methods. You are uniquely you and so are your children. We will work together to specify your needs while taking into consideration the following: personalities, lifestyles and goals. 

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QUOTES by me:

Rules without relationship lead to rebellion.

Be clear about your expectations. Don’t assume that your children should know better. Assumptions create chaos and confusion.

Don’t talk to your children in paragraphs.

Children are not motivated by fear and punishment. Children thrive in environments where they feel safe, and mutual respect and trust are present.

When children are constantly surrounded by criticism they begin to develop unbelief, anger and co-dependence or worst self-hatred.

Through connection we can help our children see and experience their inherent worth and dignity.

Topics covered:

  • Managing stress
  • Setting boundaries and consequences
  • Building your children’s self-esteem
  • Learning effective communication
  • Increasing cooperation at home
  • Developing healthy relationships
  • Mastering conflict resolution techniques
  • Many others