Parenting Out of Faith VS. Fear

Communication is definitely very important because that will help us connect with our children. When we parent out of faith, our communication will flow better and our connection with our kids will go smoother. If we parent out of fear, we push them but the connection is missing.

Mental Self-Care and Sports Mom

Parents are the experts when it comes to their children. I think people in general, we are afraid of feelings and if you are one of the sports mom who is experiencing anxiety there is nothing wrong with you. There is no reason why we should judge ourselves and be hard on ourselves.

Suicide and Young Children

Give your children space to chime in, give them space to express their opinions because really they just want to be heard. When they feel they are not being heard that's when things change, there will be tension and that's what we don't want. At the age of 9 - 12 years old, a lot of the times they don't know what they are feeling and they don't know how to put their feelings into words. As parents, we need to be a good observer of our children's behavior for us to know how to help them.

The Sick Moms Guide: 028 Parenting 101

In parenting, we have to be resourceful because being involved in our kids' lives not only benefits them but it also benefits us. Do some research about their interests like the music or movies they like and use it as a conversation starter. Children love material things but believe it or not they also want warmth, approval and acceptance from their parents.

Parent/Child Relationships

Rules without relationship lead to rebellion. We cannot be always about the rules because it's just not going to work in this time. It's true that children thrive in an environment where they know their boundaries are but it has to be communicated well. You cannot assume that your children already know.

Secrets To A Stress-free Morning

I know for me, personally, that my weeks are not all the same and just forgiving myself when I don't accomplish everything in the first place because we know we can't do it all at the same time. Focus on priorities vs your plan. Move on and agree to have a good day so your kids can do the same.

PPD Podcast

For people who know others who are going through postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety, it's important to listen and not judge their experience. It's important to not give their opinion unless ask to do so due to the sensitivity of the situation. Lastly, whenever you have a chance, offer or give them tangible and concrete assistance such as babysitting, bringing meals, taking them out for coffee or for lunch. 

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