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About [Joy Acaso]

Joy Acaso is an Anxiety Support Coach, best-selling author, teacher, and speaker. It's her mission to help reverse the global mental health crisis. She has been featured in many articles and podcast interviews for her unique approach that combines brain health, neuroscience and trauma-healing. 

Kellie M

Marketing Manager

I love Joy’s approach to tackling our everyday questions we, as a mom asks herself. We all want to do a good job, give our kids everything they need and help them flourish. But let’s be real, there are times we feel like we’re failing and have more questions than answers. In these times Joy is my “go-to” for calm, reasonable guidance navigating the rough seas of parenthood! She is so inspirational and offers real world advice that WORKS!

Cecilia M

Medical Technologist

I arrived at Joy’s office after dealing with stressful situations that I had let build up until I was overwhelmed. I had let my life run me instead of being an active participant in it. Joy helped me learn how to manage my stress and helped me to get in touch with the things that really mattered. I was able to finally accomplish a very important goal that I had set for myself a long time ago. My relationship with myself as well as those around me has improved as a result of the tools acquired in my sessions.

Isabella c

Computer Analyst

Joy picked up on some things that I needed to address very quickly. I looked at my "issue" from one perspective, but she rapidly helped me to re-think that one. I haven't really been "seeing" her for very long, but I feel like I am making progress.  She has been extremely caring and conscientious throughout my coaching. I would recommend her as a coach for anyone who needs a little TLC and insight.

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